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The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) will allow you to fly in the UK and Europe with your friends and family. If you are likely to wish to progress and develop your flying skills at a later date the PPL is ideal, however if you are looking to fly socially with friends and family then the LAPL may be more appropriate for you.

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The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is a quicker and often cheaper alternative to the full Private Pilot Licence (PPL) while still offering most of the same advantages. If you are hoping to just fly socially and don’t wish to add extra privileges on or fly commercially, the LAPL is a superb option for you to get in the air, you can always convert to PPL later.

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Night Rating

Our night rating course typically operates between October and March and is an opportunity for PPL licence holders to expand their flying skills into the world of after dark night flying. Flying at night is not only a unique challenge, but another way to see the world from the air in a unique and exhilerating way.  Flights typically on a Thursday evening.

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The Instrument Meteorological Rating (IMC) is otherwise known as the Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR).

This rating (UK Airspace only), allows flight under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in any airspace (Exl Class A), in cloud, and perform instrument approaches in suitably equipped aircraft and airfields to the Rating minima. This rating can be added to a PPL Licence.

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Aerohire Your Hire

Aerohire offer a range of flight training options. Unlike other schools we adopt a simple pay as you fly model. No complicated extra membership fees, fuel surcharges or upfront payments. Simple, Honest, Professional. We are excited to join you on your new adventure. Welcome to Aerohire – A new way to become a pilot!