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From £8325
Started on October 1, 202345 Hours

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) will allow you to fly in the UK and Europe with your friends and family. The PPL also gives you the opportunity to progress and develop your flying skills at a later date as a doorway to additional ratings and your commercial licence. If you are simply looking to fly socially with friends and family in the UK, then the LAPL may be more appropriate for you.

The Private Pilots licence really is your doorway into social flying with friends and family, with the ability to develop and refine your skills at a later stage. If you are likely to go for your commercial licence in the future, or are likely to want to fly in cloud, larger multi-engine aircraft or fly at night – possibly even become a flight insructor with us… then the PPL is the first stepping stone on your adventure and we cannot wait to join you for the flight.

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